Mermaid Pool Parties

Welcome to our Mermaid Pool Party Page! We are excited to teach you the ways of the ocean! Please note that you can either add The Little Mermaid poolside (in her human form), or another swimming mermaid for only $150!

You can visit the Characters page to see all of our available characters.

Mermaid Party 1hr

Mermaid Party 1hr (up to 6 guests, or 12 with two characters)
1 mermaid/$200, 2 mermaids/$350*

Feel like some splish-splashy fun? Invite Coral the Mermaid to your pool party! The sister of our beloved Little Mermaid, she has lots of stories and songs to share with you! With her beautiful mermaid tail, she is ready to race through the water with you. Be it at a private pool in your backyard, or a rental at the local community centre, My Little Princess Events is ready to make your mermaid party a splashing success!

Coral will arrive a few minutes early in order to warm up in the pool (you’ll receive a phone call so that you can show her where to set up!) You can then invite all of your party guests (inside the home or community centre) out to the pool to greet her! She will present the Birthday child with a rhinestone tiara in a special coronation ceremony, and gather everyone around the pool edge to share a magical story.

Princess Coral will show off her beautiful voice with a special song for all of her new friends!

Coral will teach your guests how to swim like a fish, and introduce them to various water games!

Your guests will be asked to retrieve some of Coral’s magical gems from within the pool (placed according to swimmer’s ability), and they can return them to her in exchange for a special take-home item from her treasure trove!

Coral will present the Birthday Princess her special birthday necklace.
She will then show her new friends a beautiful golden conch shell and explains it’s magical qualities. Each guest will have the chance to make a special wish as they listen to the sounds of the ocean.

We always make sure that there is time for you to take a photograph of the mermaid and the Birthday Princess, the entire group, and also get one family shot. If you would like more time for each guest to get an individual photo, please let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate you!

In the last few minutes, Princess Coral will gather your guests to sing “Happy Birthday” to the Birthday child. You are welcome to bring the cake to the pool edge at this time, or if you are saving it for later, the children will gather poolside around the birthday child and sing to them there.

Princess Coral will make her farewells as you escort your guests back inside for some food, so that she can change out of her tail away from human eyes! This way we can keep the dream alive; leaving behind some beautiful memories, new friends, and a touch of mermaid magic!

Want some fantastic treat bags, crowns, or an extra mermaid or three? We’ve got you covered! Visit our “Add-Ons” Page for more information.

*Travel Fees may apply. Please look under “Travel Charges” on our Policies page for more information.

  • My Little Princess Events does not provide a lifeguard at these events. It is solely the responsibility of the host of the party to make sure all children are kept safe, which is why we suggest a maximum number of 6 guests. You are welcome to add an additional character if you would like to invite more children.

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Corporate/Custom Parties

Corporate/Custom Parties

From the Vancouver Club Cinderella Ball and High Tea at the Fairmont, to many other Country Club events in this beautiful City, we love preparing performances for our corporate clients! If you can bring the faith and hope, we’ll provide the pixie dust!

Please contact us for rates.

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