20 children who owned Halloween

  1. The kid who made an epic tribute on the street before commencing his Halloween attacks.

Halloween 21

2. This adorable scarecrow, whose parents clearly had an excess of burlap lying around from that farm wedding they had to help out with.


3. This gem, whose favourite superhero is grandma.


4. This delightful duo- although Bert appears to have been seriously bullied into this by Poppins.


5. This little fella, who is seriously killing me right now.


6. This little Pillsbury doughboy, who will most likely be reminded of his chubby baby days in his graduation slideshow, by the same cruel parents who put him into this outfit.


7. I would give this baby all the candy. So many “can’t evens” are happening in this photo.


8. Things are always better in two’s. Especially when it’s babies. In aviators. Called Maverick.


9. Because we had to throw a princess costume into the mix.


10. Have four children? Theme ’em. I may have 7 just so I can dress them in curtains and sing “Doe a Deer” five thousand times.


11. Not sure if I’m promoting this as a children’s costume, or simply for myself. I would wear this every day.


12. Got a kid who doesn’t like to smile? Simple. Dwight Schrute that child.


13. Got a child and a dog? Make the dog realize how much worse life can be, by introducing him to Harry Potter.


14. Got a child who loves to smile? Simple. Hobbit that adorable creature.


15. Got two children that try to smile but end up looking strange? Well… you get the idea.


16. Got a child who bangs on the piano when you’re trying to have quiet time? Scissor-hand him.


17. Does your child who is dressed up as the old man have a best friend who looks eerily like the boy scout from Up? Duo them!


18. These fantastic parents built a carriage around their beautiful princess. Now Cinderella is off to the ball!

19. Got one of those babies who looks permanently surprised? Here’s your solution.


20. And finally, got a child who has an uncommon amount of hair on his head? Turn him into a baby genius.