Harry Potter Party Vancouver

Back to School Can be Magical

It’s hard to believe that summertime is nearly over and that school will be back in session very soon. For some kids, back to school is a bit of a drag, so why not make this time of year a bit more exciting? One way to do just that is to host a Harry Potter Party!

This party is perfect for the young witch or wizard who just can’t wait to get their Hogwarts Letter! If your child is a fan of the wizarding world and you constantly find them visiting Pottermore then why not make their life even more magical?

Our parties include a sorting ceremony, spells training, potions lesson, initiation into Dumbledore’s Army and more – all of the things a young witch or wizard get started at Hogwarts on the right foot!

But please note: due to Ministry of Magic restrictions on the use of magic by under-aged witches and wizards, our practice wands are made without a magical core, and therefore will not produce actual spell results.

Make this time of year magical and contact us to book your party today!